Explore The Land of the Royals - Rajasthan
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    The Heritage Walk

    India was once referred to as the ‘Land of the Golden Bird’. The country was so rich not only in terms of wealth but also as a land of culture, traditions, heritage, art and architecture. India has seen a rule of different dynasties...

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    Palace on Wheels

    As the name suggests, the Palace on wheels is one of the first Luxury trains of India which takes you across some of the most exotic Indian destinations . With everything taken care of dining accommodation, sightseeing as well as organized...

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    The Luxury Escape

    Experience luxurious Indian hospitality as we take you on a journey through some incredible landscapes in India. This voyage promises a royal experience in the truest sense as it takes you...

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    The Photography Expedition

    India, ‘a land of all seasons and all reasons’ has destinations that have so many unique places and experiences to offer. These experiences will create an everlasting memory in your life. A memory may fade away from your life but if we...

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    India was once known as the 'Land of the Royals'  .The hospitality industry amaglamated with luxurious hotels and resorts is renouned across the globe . The Palace journey is a specially crafted  program  which invloves stay...

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